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Farmer Gracy

Farmer Gracy

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Jasper, Hans, Nuri, Elsa

Farmer Gracy is an online flower shop providing high quality plants and bulbs to gardeners across Europe. Having already established a strong presence, particularly with their customer base in the UK, the company came to us to help refine their website and branding.

We started off, like most of our projects, with a kick-off workshop with the client where we asked questions and collected insights on the brand. We supported our discovery and research with a day on site at the company’s warehouse in the Netherlands where we were able to get to know the people behind the brand and view their beautiful products in person. Using an agile way of working, we assessed all the existing brand assets and built on them. Throughout the project, we worked closely with the client as well as with the external agency who had already been tasked with a first iteration of the branding.

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To help the branding bloom to its fullest potential, we stepped in to lead the project as art and creative directors. Working in collaboration with the agency, Marka, and various artists, we provided strategy and direction for collateral assets such as photography, iconography, and botanical designs for packaging, print and digital.

In keeping with the approachable yet quality-driven positioning of the brand, we adapted the emblem and sustainability and signature stamps to be more modern and refined. Working extremely closely with the client, we presented our adaptations in increments to clearly show their evolution. By removing unnecessary decorative details and simplifying them, we were able to make the emblem and stamps adaptable to different sizes and applications. The wordmark was also reworked, by exploring a typeface and set up more in line with the brand's personality.

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The concept ‘the beauty in nature’ was central to our approach to the redesign and art direction of the brand identity. Close-up photography places the products at centre stage, highlighting each flower’s unique natural beauty. Tailor-made graphical patterns by Elsa Briault nod to English botanical illustrations typical of the 19th century. Seasonal artworks by rotating artists give an extra floral touch to functional and collectable collaterals like stickers, gift cards and postcards.

FG patterntext
FG giftcard2
FG stickers
FG notebook

The colour palette was adapted to be intentionally subdued to compliment rather than take away from the brand’s naturally colourful products. Using the brand’s signature pink as a starting point, we expanded the palette to include secondary pastel hues inspired by nature.

FG candle
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Crisp and easy to read, the typography, Sharp Sans Display by Sharp Type, is elegant yet approachable. Chosen for its organic shapes and delicate lines, the typography adds to the botanical and personal feel of the branding.

FG poscard
FG mobile screen
FG mobile multiscreens

Easy to navigate and filter for specific products, the website offers users a frictionless, on-brand experience to shop and explore. The combination of seasonal artwork, illustrations and botanical patterns add a human and fresh touch.

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People involved


    Hélène Lead Designer


    Jeanne Design Director


    Linda Operations & Projects


    Alonzo Founder, UX Director

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