Branding, digital design & strategy

We strike the perfect balance between brand and product experience and conversion with an international team of skilled designers.

Fun fact: we were a development agency for 9 years before transitioning to ‘design only’ in 2019, making us a trusted collaboration partner for development agencies and other design teams when their challenge requires extra design expertise.


Behind every brand is a story that wants to be told. At Bolden, we see brands as a whole, not just as good-looking designs or a logo. Whether you’re an experienced brand looking for a refresh or are starting out from the ground up, we’ll work with you in a collaborative effort to bring your brand to life.

Using contextual research, strategy and brand positioning, together we’ll outline everything you need to tell your story and help your brand make its mark. From developing design principles, signage, collaterals, social media strategy and art direction, we’ll empower you with the tone and tools to spread your message and leave a lasting impression on your audiences.

Digital Design

We see UX and UI as two parts of the same coin. It’s when the two work together that the real magic happens. As UX/UI designers, we believe in conversion before experience. Data is our muse. Every design decision we take is made with the insights gathered from analytics and research on real-world usage.

We know the importance of designing experiences that have long-lasting impact and that can adapt and grow. Our detailed custom libraries and design systems will give you the tools you need to take experiences further within your own teams when needed. We’re always ready to offer support after a project is delivered to ensure the experiences continue to meet your business goals.


So much more goes into branding and digital design than meets the eye. As creatives, our strength comes from our years of experience and expertise in strategy, business, and web development. It’s the combination of these skills that gives our clients the direction and support they need to build brands and digital experiences that get the job done.

We love great ideas, but most of all, we love great ideas that work. Using our business and development knowledge, we’ll help turn your goals into great designs and services that are viable and easy to build. Need something specific that we can’t do in-house? We have a vast network of specialists with whom we collaborate.