Our Manifesto

As a seasoned branding and digital design agency, we know that design isn’t always easy for our clients. We get it. Design-slash-creative agencies don’t always have the best track record when it comes to approachability. So, what makes us different? Our manifesto below explains.

We hear you

At Bolden, we work with you, not just for you. We value collaboration and know that, just as we’re experts in our field, you’re the expert in yours. We encourage open, honest discussion and always want to hear your say.

We see things objectively

We’re confident in our ideas, but we’re also aware that there is never one way of approaching things. We don’t let our ego get in the way of making sure that you walk away with top notch designs that meet your needs.

We keep it real

We embrace creativity, but we don’t let it totally take over. We never let artistry come at the expense of conversion or your business goals. While we trust our gut-feeling, we always challenge, test and improve our ideas to make sure you get the best end results.

We believe in data

We see it as a blessing, not a barrier. We know when to trust in the numbers and understand that what we design needs to be smart, scalable, and comply with human and industry standards.