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Lea, Birgitte, Wendy, Jochem, Julien & Jeroen

Born in Amsterdam, 10DAYS offers timeless and functional apparel, accessories and homeware for minimalist and environmentally-minded shoppers. Thanks to a tip from one of our partners, 10DAYS tasked us in the spring of 2022 to lead the design of their new website and online shop.

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With their brand identity and principles freshly minted by fellow Dutch design agency ...,Staat, we stepped in to translate the new branding into a seamless and memorable online shopping experience.

As collaborators, we were very mindful of respecting 10DAYS' new brand guidelines. We worked closely with Staat’s designers, setting up regular check-ins where we shared ideas and tackled challenges together as partners. The end product is a smart and harmonious e-commerce platform that strongly reflects the 10DAYS brand.

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Mirroring the minimalist and structured design of the new brand identity, the website uses a grid system to organize and display elements on the screen. Split in the middle to create a distinct ‘right' and a ‘left’ side, the layout design allows for variety while keeping things looking sharp and symmetrical.

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10 Days Mobile screens

Photography and colour blocks are displayed full bleed to create a sophisticated, editorial look. Navigation text, CTAs, product descriptions and headers are given lots of breathing space, making the screen feel airy and the content a breeze to read.

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