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bloomon is a subscription and/or one-time service that delivers elegant hand-crafted seasonal bouquets from local growers to your doorstep with a strong sustainable attitude.

In collaboration with the bloomon design team, we proposed a complete UX/UI overhaul of the website that responds better to e-commerce matters, in particular managing several customer flows — supported by truly inspirational designs.

Bloomon 1

We helped bloomon differentiate itself from its competitors with a complete design overhaul. An editorial looking feel, highlighting the inspiring visuals to encourage browsing, while answering multiple ways to convert.

We’ve built a smart design layout that would adjust to the seasonality of the floral collections. Some elements of the interface would thus change of colour depending of the content displayed on the website, creating an immersive experience of the bloomon interpretation of each season.

Bloomon 2
Bloomon mobile 1
Bloomon design mobile 2
Bloomon design mobile 3
Bloomon 5
Bloomon mobile mock up
Bloomon 3