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Brand experience vs. conversion

Veloretti bicycles are sleek hand made citybikes with one key component in mind: ease of use.

This user centered approach is one of the main ingredients of our design philosophy at Bolden, so we were happy to help Veloretti shift their online presence to the next gear.

We proposed an elegant, light and easy to navigate header. The Veloretti logo at the top is accompanied by only the most essential menu icons to create crystal clear navigation.

Veloretti Desktop 01

The open and clean aesthetic of the site is carried on by the contemporary typeface ‘Maax’: An approachable and easy to read font that does wonders on both screens and print.

Veloretti Desktop 03

Alongside Veloretti’s written content, you’ll find an array of stylised photo’s and video’s. They embrace the layout of the site to the fullest and set the tone for a compelling user experience.

Veloretti Desktop 02
Veloretti Phoneb 01
Veloretti Phoneb 06
Veloretti Phoneb 05
Veloretti Phoneb 09
Veloretti Phoneb 07