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It begins with light

For corporate start-up Sustainder we were asked by De Redactiegasten to deliver a beautiful looking website with a flexible back-end to share quality stories about their innovative smart public lighting products.

Craft CMS has configurable sections which can be sorted per page to create a custom flow without breaking the design guides. This way every story can be configured for the right target audience i.e. governance, contractors or partners. Illustrations by Aron Vellekoop León.

Sustainder Desktop 01
Sustainder Desktop 03
Sustainder Desktop 04
Sustainder Desktop 05
Sustainder Desktop 06
Sustainder Desktop 09
Sustainder Desktop 07
Sustainder Phoneb 01
Sustainder Phoneb 04
Sustainder Phoneb 07
Sustainder Phoneb 02
Sustainder Phoneb 05