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E-commerce platform

Through the global language of sports and fashion, KLABU builds communities in refugee camps all around the world.

At Bolden we are true believers of positive design, so when in 2018 we were contacted to partner up for a noble cause, we just couldn’t refuse to help, and then a long term partnership started.

Klabu Mockup 01
Klabu mobile 01
Klabu mockup 02

This year, KLABU also got a brand identity refresh by Kelvin Govey and it was the perfect occasion to translate their new graphic language into a digital product — sporting a vibrant colour palette, inspiring photography and smart design system.

Klabu Desktop 01

In order to realise KLABU’s huge ambitions, conversion is absolutely key. We emphasised a strong, logic and approachable design, and we ensured a digital experience that would truly resonates with the visitors.

Klabu mobile 02
Klabu Desktop 03
Klabu mockup 03

If you want to be a supporter of the KLABU club, you can go to the KLABU store and get your very own team shirt. Go KLABU!