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Hotel V

A flexible online presence

Hotel V & The Lobby is a hospitality group run by 12th generation Amsterdammers who are passionate about the authentic and inspiring character of their city.

With 3 hotels, 2 restaurants, a webshop, and more on the way, Hotel V needed a digital solution that would reflect the group' DNA and be flexible enough to showcase the diverse personalities of all the location.

Connecting the dots between inspiration and conversion, we created an online experience that brings the visitors into the Hotel V distinctive world. The sleek contemporary landing page showcasing the gorgeous locations' imagery and the unique layouts highlighting the inspirational copy, give the Hotel V website the feel of a unique hospitality experience.

Hotel V 02
Hotel V 03
Hotel V 04

To fit the location's personality, we got the opportunity to develop Hotel V's brand identity.

We selected a unique typeface, and developed a colour palette system: two signature tones counterbalanced by an accent colour and a softer tone to bring back the location's spirit and atmosphere to the digital world.

Hotel V 06

At the first glance, the visitor gets to experience the distinctive and authentic Hotel V universe.

Hotel V 08
Hotel V 09
Hotel V 11
Hotel V 12
Hotel V 13
Hotel V 14