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About Backbone

Backbone Photo is a SaaS platform that connects businesses with photographers and vice versa within 48 hours. After a successful launch in Switzerland, they were ready to take on the rest of Europe—so full steam ahead with a comprehensive re-branding of their services!


We conducted contextual research and worked with the Backbone management team to establish a clear visual strategy. Combined with their best-in-class visuals and dynamic tech start-up vibe, its brand position was defined and consequently brought to life visually.

Backbone Branding 02
Backbone Branding 03
Backbone Branding 04
Backbone Branding 05
Backbone Branding 06
Backbone Branding 07

To support the expansion of the company into Europe with new brand positioning, we developed a visual identity with enhanced principles for the existing logotype, new typography, colours, photography art direction and creation of an icon family for products and services.

Backbone Branding 08
Backbone Branding 09
Backbone Branding 10


Because Backbone's SaaS is such a critical part of their business, we created a digital design system to adapt to their needs of today and tomorrow. Based on their previous online strategy, we enhanced interaction patterns and the Information Architecture (IA) to create consistency and optimise usability.

Backbone Digital 02
Backbone Digital 03
Backbone Digital 04
Backbone Digital 07

We used Craft CMS to establish a hyper flexible, multilingual and component-based content management system. And it also scales beautifully with Backbones’ product infrastructure—which was setup together with the Backbone product engineers.