Craft CMS

21 projects, 4 plugins and counting..

In 2007 we started out with own Bolden CMS, until one of our developers pointed out Craft CMS. With the same technical approach, but now including a professional community, documentation and no more agency lock-in, we fell in love with Craft CMS.

Extremely flexible

We create modular content blocks that you can re-use and sort throughout the website, supercharging your CMS from a content placer to a content creator which is also extremely easy to use.

Fast & reliable

Out-of-the-box Craft CMS is quite lightweight, but as configuration and customisations expand—we're keen on keeping everything as fast and reliable as possible. We even created a free plug-in to boost website performance.

The team behind Craft CMS, Pixel & Tonic—maintain and continue development of the platform together with a loyal group of very professional developers and studio's like ourselves.


Set permissions and create usergroups as you please. Craft CMS has a proven track record on security and we even let a 3rd party try to hack one of our Craft CMS projects to prove it.

Hello Translated plugin

Bolden - Hello Translated

OpenWeather plugin

Bolden - OpenWeather Craft CMS 3 plugin.jpg

Google Maps API plugin

Bolden - Google Maps API Plugin Craft CMS

HTML Cache plugin

Bolden Rocket Rectangle

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